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CNBC, 29th June, 2020: French election results will create a headache for Macron and his main opponents, professor says

Honolulu Civil Beat,  18th June, 2020: Neal Milner: Hawaii Has Lost Its Emotional Connection To Voting

The Express, 24th April, 2020: Remainer Richard Dawkins joins calls to lower voting age: ‘Now’s the time!’

Spiegel (in German), 29th January, 2020: Großbritannien vor dem Brexit“Fast die Hälfte empfindet Abscheu oder Ekel”


Independent, 3rd July, 2019: Hostility between voters over Brexit feels hopeless, but our research may show a way to bridge the divide

The Independent, 29th May, 2019: How Brexit ‘betrayal’ left us angry, bitter and (almost) ready for a revolution

The Scotsman, 11th April, 2019: Brexit: Why it’s wrong to blame the older generation – Alastair Stewart


Buzzfeed, 23rd December, 2018: “I Feel Like My Future Has Been Taken Away From Me”: Meet The Young People Hoping To Vote Against Brexit

NewStateman, 12th March, 2018: How a Swiss canton voted to deny a vegan citizenship – because she was “annoying”

The Guardian, 29th January, 2018:  Ignore the naysayers: the 2017 election youthquake wasn’t a myth


The Guardian, 3rd July, 2017: Most British citizens say EU nationals should be able to vote in UK

Politico, 2nd July, 2017: Britons want to retain EU citizenship rights after Brexit

The Independent, 2nd July, 2017: Brexit: Nearly 60% of Leave voters would now pay to retain EU citizenship

The Guardian, 1st July, 2017: Poll finds that 60% of Britons want to keep their EU citizenship

Le Monde (in French), 9th June, 2017: Législatives au Royaume-Uni : « Le vote pour Jeremy Corbyn est d’abord anticonservateur avant d’être pro-Labour »

The Guardian, 28th May, 2017: ‘We want a better future’: young first-time voters reveal who’s firing them up

The Guardian, 18th May, 2017: How do you solve Britain’s youth voting crisis?

The Economist, 4th February, 2017: Not turning out: Millennials across the rich world are failing to vote

Hindustan Times, 22nd January, 2017: Brexit, Trump lead to intense voter hostility: LSE study

The Independent, 19th January, 2017: Nearly half of British electorate feel ‘disgust’ towards Brexit voters on other side, study finds

Le Monde (in French), 19th January, 2017: Droit de vote à 16 ans : 62 % des lycéens se prononcent pour le « oui »


Global Citizen, 17th November, 2016: The Age Gap: How the Old Defied the Young on Brexit & Trump

Attn:, 3rd November, 2016: Hilarious Tweet Perfectly Captures the Latest Fight About Brexit

CBC, 27th July, 2016: It wasn’t racism: Young Brexiteers say economy, EU control more important than immigration

The Times, 11th July, 2016: Two thirds of under-25s voted in the EU referendum

Vice, 11th July, 2016: Why Reports That Young People Didn’t Vote in the EU Referendum Are Bullshit

OpenDemocracy, 11th July, 2016: My 350 on BREXIT: European identity beginning

Aol., 10th July, 2016: Lots of young people did vote in the EU referendum despite claims that they couldn’t be bothered

The Spectator, 10th July, 2016: New poll finds twice as many young people voted in the EU referendum as previously thought

The Times, 10th July, 2016: EU vote youth turnout was 64%

The Independent, 10th July, 2016: EU referendum: Turnout among young voters ‘almost double’ initial reports

The Guardian, 10th July, 2016: EU referendum: youth turnout almost twice as high as first thought

The Huffington Post, 9th July, 2016: EU Referendum Turnout Among Young People ‘Twice As High As First Thought’, Claims Research

The BBC, 8th July, 2016: EU Referendum: Were young people less likely to vote?

Jewish News, 5th July, 2016: EU Referendum: Turnout of young people

The Canary, 4th July, 2016: Looks like youth turnout for the EU referendum was much, much higher than first thought

The Guardian, 2nd July, 2016: Poll reveals young remain voters reduced to tears by Brexit result

The Guardian, 21st June, 2016: Should you trust the pollsters or the bookies on the EU referendum?

Wall Street Journal, 20th June, 2016: Who to Trust on Brexit Predictions: The Pollsters or the Bettors?

The Independent, 16th June, 2016: EU referendum quiz: Should I vote for Brexit or Remain?

The Mirror, 12th June, 2016: Third of EU referendum voters won’t pick side until week before polling day

The Guardian, 11th June, 2016: Third of EU referendum voters won’t make up their minds until week before poll

The Mirror, 10th June, 2016: After Brexit, Boris Johnson the PM would axe public services and ramp up taxes

Daily Mail, 9th June 2016: You’ve got to be kidding! Now report says Brexit would stop couples having BABIES amid claims poorer families could lose up to £5,500 if we leave. 

Evening Standard, 9th June 2016: Couples ‘delaying having babies because of fear over a Brexit’

Newsweek, 9th June 2016: U.K. Couples ‘Delaying Parenthood’ because of Brexit

The Sun, 9th June 2016: Mood Killer: Fear of Brexit ‘is stopping couples having children’ until after EU referendum

Het Financieele Dagblad (in Dutch), 3rd June, 2019:  To Brexit or not to Brexit.


Nature, 8th May, 2015: Why the polls got the UK election wrong




LSE Brexit, 15th June, 2020: Inside the Mind of a Voter: do people still respect democracy?


LSE Brexit, 31st October, 2019: Hope and hopelessness: Is a reconciliatory Brexit possible?

LSE EUROPP: European Politics and Policy, 28th May, 2019: Seven key stories about the most ‘European’ EP election ever

LSE British Politics and Policy, 27th May, 2019: Who really won the UK European elections? A tale of two stories, and what happens next

LSE British Politics and Policy, 23rd May, 2019: Why reading polls is actually a lot more complicated than it looks




LSE, 12th May, 2020: Two in five feel US election atmosphere is aggressive, hostile or poisonous

LSE, 6th February, 2020: Electoral Psychology Observatory launched at LSE


LSE, 11th December, 2019: Labour and Tory voters ‘disgusted’ by one another



Radio Perth, 19th June, 2020: Inside the mind of a voter: Who will win the US election? Saturday Breakfast with Christine Layton 

Falling Walls Conference, 2012: Breaking the wall of the polling booth